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GPU utilisation different svpj sizes

Question asked by Helge Feddersen on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by Helge Feddersen

HI All,

quick summary of the situation:

Win7, nvidia P4000 (376,84 Driver), 64GB RAM, dual Xenon E5v2 Processors, SWX & Visualize 17 SP2

I tried various drivers (cant find certified ones). in all cases i monitored the GPU load via GPU-Z 1.20


Visualize Setup is identical for all the 4 Renders. The render Setting was set to GPU rendering only.

a) 700MB svpj file, b) 95MB svpj file, c) 55MB svpj file, d) 25MB svpj file

all files were opened and closed in sequence without changing any settings in the Software.


It would apear as if the performance of the GPU rendering greatly depends on the svpj file size.

whilst a) & b) were only rendered on the CPU (allthough GPU only was chosen) c) & d) utilized the GPU.


keeping an eye on the GPU load during render:

for c) this was jumping from 80 - 90%

for d) pretty consistant at about 90%

smaller files are always at 100% GPU load


i am wondering if anybody can reproduce or has seen this on Machines that have full certified drivers?

any suggestion as to which driver to use for the P4000?

maybe somebody can try this on SP3EV (i need to wait until SP3 is officially released).


feedback is greatly apreciated