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    Failed to get information about image

    Amos Avery

      We have a satellite office in Europe that has trouble administrating PDM Professional at our local office in the US.  When they try to export the vault or save an edited datacard, they get an error message "Failed to get information about image 'image.bmp'.  Please make sure that this image exists and Archive server is running."  The image in question is a small graphic on the datacard.  They have a local Archive server (and it is running).  We have tried various things to resolve the issue but none are consistently successful.  Any suggestions?



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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hi Amos, most likely during the replication the archive file for the image on the data card hasn't been replicated over.


          Images on data cards are stored in the Vault archives folder under <vault name>\0\Images


          Either they need to find the original image and re-point the card to it, or remove the image from the data card, save it, then add the image in again and save the data card.


          Kind regards