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    Simulation problem.

    Artur Błaszczyk


      I would like to know what  stresses are in the beam. I will try to choose a minimum dimensions profile.

      How should I simulate the load and fixing of the following beam? The beam works basically like a spreader.


      spreader beem.JPG


      Connecting between rope and beam:


      beam-rope connecting1.jpg

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          Jaja Jojo

          Solve the tension on both cable (F' and F) then resolve to F'x and Fx then use this to solve the stress on your beam

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            Ryan Dark

            Hi Artur,

            You can readily setup this situation within SOLIDWORKS in a couple ways.  The first would be to create your stabilizer as a beam with fixtures applied to the ends that restrain movement axially down the angled cables.  This is readily done using sketch construction geometry to specify the direction to restrain in a Use Reference Geometry fixture.  You can than just apply loads to each end joint of the beam to represent your bottom load.

            Another option is to use a solid element beam with links attaching the beam ends to a top fulcrum.  The bottom load could then, since we are now using solid elements, be represented by a Remote Load (direct transfer) to the end faces of the stabilizer beam.

            I think both of these setups, with some added fixtures for stability, could reasonably give you stress and displacement results for the situation you are describing.


            If you would like to take a look I have attached the model with both these setups here as well.

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              Artur Błaszczyk

              THX for all.