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Need Help Please:Size/Gauge doens't display on BOM

Question asked by Mehdi Bel Haj Maati on Apr 20, 2017
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I have a problem with the Route property in Solidworks electrical 3D, the  Size/Gauge doesn't display on BOM when I prepare the route for a flattened drawing (Flatten Route).



1-I make a simple scheme in Solidworks electrical 2D [figure 1].



2-And I pass to mode 3D [Figure 2].



3-Then I displayed the scheme in Flatten route with circuit summary BOM [Figure 3].



4-You Can remarque that size/gauge column does not display any value and doesn't match the table in solidworks 2 D [Figure 4 and 5].



5-And when I try to edit route and click on Electric attributes, the properties don't display any size/gauge value [Figure 6].



Can anyone explain to me what's wrong?




I will be grateful if you could help me friends.