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DXF Export

Question asked by Russ Radford on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2017 by Peter Brinkhuis

Hi There.


I am reasonably new  to Solidworks and love the top down design approach. I am a cabinet maker and make a lot of one off designs and also things like kitchens and laundry's. I use a CNC Router to cut all my parts out and currently select each part and save the DXF of the face that I will be cutting out.

I see lots of macros to export dxf's of sheet metal parts but is there a way to do this with none sheet metal parts?


What I was thinking was a macro to select a face with a given appearance then save a dxf of that face. Is this possible?

I guess the macro would have to work its way down the parts tree and select them one at a time.


Any help on this would be great.