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Get corresponding Body2 of a SheetMetal feature in Multi Body PartDoc

Question asked by Colin Poushay on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by Colin Poushay

I'm having an issue when trying to link up the sheetmetal feature to the correct body when working with a multi body part. In this PartDoc, there are multiple imported bodies that have been converted to sheet metal parts using the 'insert bends' feature. I want to be able to find which body corresponds to which Sheet Metal feature.


I can collect all the bodies and all the sheet metal features but I haven't found a way to find out which feature corresponds to which body. I have tried using the method  GetFaces on the Feature but it returns null. I have tried accessing the fixed reference on the sheet metal feature data but this is also null.


Is there a proper way to do this?