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    Simulation - bolt axial force

    Tadas Masickas



      1. What is the best way to find-out axial force in foundation bolt (or other bolt)? To use linear or nonlinear simulation - or some other function?

      2. As I understand - to find out axial force in bolt due to loading - we don't need to apply pre-load for bolt, yes?  If we'll preload bolt - there'll be much bigger axial load.

      3. Is it right way to use static analysis --> foundation bolts with virtual wall --> and after analysis to look at Connector forces?


        • Re: Simulation - bolt axial force
          Ryan Dark

          Hi Tadas,

          To answer your numbered questions:

          1. The best way to find a bolt axial force is with a bolted connector in static analysis.  You would only move over to a nonlinear analysis if your study was on a nonlinear material, there was a large deformation, or the loading was being applied not simultaneously.
          2. Yes, you absolutely would need preload applied as the formulation of a bolt connector in Simulation is only valid as the bolt is under preload.  If the bolt is applied with no preload in a situation where it would be allowed to have the objects lift off one another then the results would not be valid.  Further, the axial force of a bolt connector would include the axial force caused by the preload.  You may wish to run a study of your model that has only preloaded bolts applied with no loads then a study with the same bolts and loads applied so you can observe the difference in axial force on the bolts.
          3. Yes, using foundation bolts in a static study then looking at the connector forces would be a fine way to observe the axial forces in the bolts.