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    Nonlinear analysis - foundations bolts

    Tadas Masickas



      In nonlinear analysis I can find foundation bolts.  But there are no virtual wall function.

      So, for what to use foundation bolts in non linear analysis?

      What is alternative for virtual wall in nonlinear analysis?



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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Tadas,

          You are totally correct on this.  Without being able to define a Virtual Wall you could not create a foundation bolt.  I found in the SOLIDWORKS Corp Knowledge Base that explicitly states that Virtual Walls are not allowed for use in nonlinear analysis (S-056886).  So, it would appear that the option for creating a foundation bolt is not properly locked out within bolt definitions for nonlinear.


          If you wish to still move forward with your analysis you could create a block with corresponding holes to represent "ground" and use non-foundation bolt definitions (along with No Penetration contact) to connect the two objects.