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    Render clipping path with object feature.

    Gina Fisher

      I usually render an object feature to give me a clipping path for my model. Since the 2017 update, it errors out each time I try to do this. Did something change about this feature?

      Thanks for any help.

      Gina Fischer

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          Brian Hillner

          Hi Gina,


          Let's see if we can get you going again.

          Are you referring to the 'Object' render output pass from Visualize?

          Output Passes.jpg


          If yes, then please send us a copy of the Visualize log files. Follow all the steps in this Visualize forum post to get us everything we need to help you. Please be as descriptive as possible with your steps leading up to the issue, as well as what you mean by 'errors out.'


          Also, have you approached your Reseller with this issue yet?


          Thank you,