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The cheek of it!

Discussion created by Micheal Ho on Apr 19, 2017
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I just received a letter from a Stephen Chalkley , director of some anti piracy departments...dassault systemes.


This guy who benefited from me as a customer, did not write anything sensible and polite but acted as a brainless 'software police' when he wrote a load of rubbish about piracy and reminding me to be careful.


I bought a legit seat of solid works a couple of years ago even when my business was not even running yet!

I dont like to steal if that is what you are talking about! And if I have downloaded anything which I am not entitled to, please have the courteousy to inform me,

where, what and when..


I paid in full, no instalment or any grant from any bodies... I learned it the hard way and have had many many problems trying to get a design done!


The community of solid work customer were the helpful and patient ones, who did not take a penny from my purchase.


You, stephen chalky, were nowhere around and being useful when I needed help.


I am bringing this to the forefront for the many customers like me to know about this and discuss about this issue.( i might be at fault for not renewing my subscriptions)


My personal opinion is... Good software but manage by a group of XXXXXX!