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Importing *.igs from inspection data

Question asked by David Mullins on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by Paul Salvador

This is something that's kind of irritating simply because it's a feature that works really well in Inventor but not at all in Solidworks.  I do a lot of reverse engineering with portable CMM's.  I export my inspection features from PolyWorks as an *.igs and then open the file in solidworks to make a model.  This works really well if all you're importing is individual points or planes, or cylinders, but not both.  Sometimes you can get away with opening an *.igs file that contains nothing but point data and an *.igs file that contains nothing but surface features (planes or cylinders) and then copying the point data into the *.SLDPRT file that has the features in it but with large files this becomes less and less of an option.


The frustrating part is Inventor seems to do this seamlessly.  I've tried changing import options when initially importing the file and I'm not seeing where I could be jamming this up.  Is there something I'm missing?


Inspection from PolyWorks:

Import Poly.PNG


Imported to SolidWorks:

Import Solid.PNG


Imported to Inventor:

Import Invent.PNG