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Component reference with reused assemblies

Question asked by Tom Verspeelt on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by Luka Sinobad



I have projects where several assemblies contain multiple instances of assemblies. These assemblies contain valves/actuators/tubing/...

The idea is to identify these components, so they have the same reference name as is used in the process flow sheet, the electrical diagram and the labels on the parts (in the real world). The main goal of this identification is to easily find the location af the parts, which is very useful during construction or troubleshooting.


If I use the 'component reference field' in component properties, I can attach my specific reference name (let's call it Valve-1) to the component (Ball Valve instance 1). If that component is reused in that assembly, it doesn't copy the reference name to all those instances (Ball Valve instance 2, 3, 4,...), which is great. The issue is that if the assembly has multiple instances, it will attach the reference name (Valve-1) to every 'Ball Valve instance 1'.


Is there a way to define the reference names in the top assembly, so they don't get copied?