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Machined Finishes: What settings must be adjusted?

Question asked by Rich Fagioli on Apr 18, 2017
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I've tried Brian Hillner's (Brushed Stainless Steel) appearance but have only managed to make everything look like the bottom of a cheap frying pan. No setting adjustment can eliminate the coarse, regular concentric circles found in his appearance package. I'd like to get the fine, random, buttery surface of #8 surface finish but can't seem to find the correct combination.


Here's what I'm trying to achieve:


....but here's what I can't seem to escape:

Flange- Reducer 2.jpg

(The regular concentric geometry, above, is a little hard to discern given all of the adjustments in bump strength, highlight color, and transforms that I've made.)

Or, when I map the texture radially:

Flange- Reducer 4.jpg

I've created and altered my own textural (.jpg) but it's application seems extremely non-intuitive and sometimes unpredictable. Do I really have to create two different textural surface appearances for adjacent parts that are perpendicular to each other?


To say I'm frustrated is definitely understating it!


(thanks, BTW, to Brian Hillner for providing that appearance, and I'm sure it'll be useful to me at some point!)