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PDM standard installation - stuck creating vault

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by Wayne Marshall

My continuing nightmare trying to install something that is included "free" with my solidworks professional licences...

I thought the problem was the licence server manager service wasnt running, which turned out to be because you have to obtain the release of your (included with your installation) licence from your VAR.

So now I have three licences, linked to my SW pro installation licences, but to get them I had to sign a release form saying how I'm willing to go it alone and forgo support from my VAR on something included in my annual maintenance price! So now any support they now provide will be strictly limited (that is I had to agree they wont support the installation of a product for which support is included in my annual maintenance fee - perhaps someone else can help me understand that!).

So they wont support me installing it, and I cant get it to run. So the arguments about how I'm gong to get my WGPDM data into it are somewhat irrelevant for now.


Anyway, that got me passed one hurdle. All the services are now running on my server. But I still cant create a my vault.


I run the create new vault wizard

give my vault a name and description

Then I fail at this step:


Any ideas?