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Pull data from drawing using Convert Task to create STEP of model

Question asked by Martin Solem on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by Tim Webb



I have a customer who has set up a Convert task to create STEP files.

The driving filename and number at customer for production, is the drawing's, which differs from the part's filename.

Everything else, like PDF's, and DWG's will be created from the drawing, the problem is when creating STEP's because the model file has it's own filename and number.


So typically, what we have is:

Drawing 567.SLDDRW. It has Drawing No 567 and Revision B which can create files like 567_B.PDF, 567_B.DWG, and so on)

The drawing however, is of part 123.SLDPRT. It has Part No 123 and Revision F.


What the customer wants is to make the part inherit, or the convert task use values from drawing when creating the STEP, so the package they send off is:





Can the Convert Task be modified to fix this? Macro? has anyone had a similar thought and solution?