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Manual Time Step Sanity Check - Does FLOW just do it's own thang?

Question asked by Scott Lelievre on Apr 17, 2017

Howdy folks, me again acting as Scott


I've seen in other discussion threads where folks say that manually setting a time step in Calculation Control Options/Solving/Time Step Settings in a transient analysis is just a suggested step and that Flow actually determines it's own step. Can someone point me to where this is discussed in Flow documentation?  I've looked through the Flow Technical Reference, the Online User's Guide, and the Tutorial and I can find no evidence of this, in fact it seems to reinforce that setting a manual time step actually sets a manual time step. Finally, if you have other good FLOW technical references I'd sure appreciate it, I could swear I stumbled onto a nice PDF user's guide for Flow at one point and now I can't find it.


Edit: FYI while monitoring the solution in the Solver Info window, the "Current time step" field does not change from the time step I specify.


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