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Workgroup PDM Change Library Locations - How to recognize library parts?

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2017 by Christian Chu

We are using SW2014 SP5.


First some background:

Our SW installation was at a previous company. Individual workstations. PDM Workgroup on a server. Libraries on a shared area of the network.


After that company closed its doors, one of the principals launched the current company and transferred the SW assets. However, in the beginning the entire PDM Workgroup installation was placed on a desktop since no servers were in place.


Fast forward several months and servers along with a proper network were installed. The design libraries were moved (actually just copied) from the desktop to a network share area. The PDM installation was still run from the desktop. And more pressing crises sidelined any additional work.


Fast forward to last week when a little digging re-exposed that the PDM Vault Admin settings were still pointing to the libraries on the desktop, not the libraries on the server. This would help explain why on check-in all our new library parts keep trying to be saved in the vault.


Friday afternoon I added paths to the network version of our libraries and restarted the vault with validation and vault rebuild turned on. This morning, in my SolidWorks Vault View I can see the newly added libraries, but they show no parts. I don't want to delete the links to the desktop libraries (CAD3-PC) until I have the network libraries working. How do I get the parts to show up in the new libraries?