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    Rotating fixture simulation

    Connor McGuigan

      I am trying to set up a simulation where this crank arm has a rotating fixture. I have tried it as a bearing fixture but I am getting errors that the fixtures are not set up properly. Can somebody advise how i can set this simulation up with the rotating fixture that I need. Thanks

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          Siavash Khajehhasani

          cannot open your files.

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            Ryan Dark

            Hi Connor,

            For linear static simulation, like you have setup in this file, you need to place the model in a state where it cannot undergo any rigid body motion.  That could mean fixing the 3 translational and 3 rotational degrees of freedom with a fixture or fixturing some of those degrees of freedom while using loads (forces, pressures, etc) to bind the model into a particular stable position (a load setup that prevents any rigid body motions.


            Right now your study is unstable for two reasons, 1) there is no net force on the model due to the force being applied normal to a cylindrical face, and 2) because the bearing load does not react to applied moments.  You may want to 1) apply the force in the +Y direction to simulate the force on the peddle at the bottom of the crank stroke, and 2) replace the bearing with a simple fixture that will absorb the moments generated from the applied force.


            This setup does assume a lot of things about the situation you are trying to setup (I am not totally sure what situation you are trying to simulate here) but it does get you started with a stable study to begin analyzing for at least one of the situations the crank will be in.  Attached is a modified model set