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Solidworks PDM API Check in file while open

Question asked by Joe Pickens on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by Lee CS Young

In short i have written a program the attached solidworks files to an Engineering Change Order in Solidworks PDM. the issue i have is the since the solidworks files are open on the users computer and are attached to the ECO my program error stating "An attempt was made to access a file the is exclusively opened by another application."


i have tried using both

PDMECOFile.UnlockFile(0, "");

batchUnlocker.UnlockFiles(0, null);


and i get the same error due to the my program attaches the users solidworks file to the ECO Document and since there SW document is open it wont let me check in the other file.


I need to find a way to check in the ECO Document so i can update its reference files so i can use them later in the program.