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Solidworks PDM API Run Template and get the resulting file

Question asked by Joe Pickens on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2017 by Joe Pickens

In the program i am making i am trying to execute a template in pdm and then access the created files. I used the following example as my outline to accomplish what i want.


2016 api - Execute Template and Return Data Example (C#)


The issue i am having is once i run the template and get the file path of the created files. To my program these files don't exist. So when I use this code to get my file it comes back null "PDMFile = vault2.GetFileFromPath(filepath, out PDMFolder);" I have also tried adding the file to the vault and it still errors out.


I put a pause in the code so i can check the vault to see if the file exists in the vault after the template is run and it was there and i was able to open the file, and resumed running my code and it still cant get the file.


Has anyone through APIi run a template and try to access the file?