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    Bubble Layer affects Format Colors?

    Leah Krichbaum

      Good morning,


      I recently upgraded from SolidWorks 2015 to SolidWorks 2016. Sometime since then, my SolidWorks drawings has been inexplicably changing the color of its wording after I create a bubble layer for inspection purposes.  For example:


      Before I created the (Red) bubble layer, the entirety of the text on the sheet format was black.  I created the layer, and then hid the layer.  Upon hiding the layer, the sheet format became partly red, and even when I now turn the layer back on, it remains so.  I’m wondering if anyone has seen this issue before and knows what may be causing it.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Hello Leah,


          Welcome to the forum.  There are several possibilities, and it would be much easier to diagnose with a file to look at.  Can you attach a Drawing where this has happened?  It doesn't need any drawing views inserted; just a blank sheet with the title block.  (You should be able to edit your original post to attach the file, or click on the black text "Use advanced editor" at the top right of a Reply box to get the "Attach" link to appear at lower right.)



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            John Stoltzfus

            Edit the sheet format and add all the black notes to the (Red) Bubble layer - When upgrading from one version to the next I've seen a lot of little subtle changes that SW affect things like you show...


            There are a couple of things that should help you and those are..


            1. When you open a drawing - check the layer - it should say -Per Standard-
            2. Make sure this was not toggled
            3. After you make all your changes Save your Drafting Standards
            4. Copy your Settings using


            Then when you upgrade - pull back the settings that you want and need..