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      Hi guys, told you I'd be back
      Right, I have a 3-D sketch that exists on a plane and that consists of a series of curves that I intend to use as boundary curves for a series of surfaces.
      What I need to do is to make a copy of this sketch and then rotate it to create the second set of boundary curves for the surfaces.
      I can make a copy of the sketch and paste it into another sketch, however ther appears to be no way to define the insertion point, it justs inserts the centre of the sketch's bounding box at the point you click.
      Is there no easy way to just do a rotate command but to copy the entities instead of move the originals? This seems like a major oversight to me
      Thanks for any advice you can offer me on this one.
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          Charles Culp
          There is a "move entities" sketch tool, as well as "rotate entities" sketch tool. Have you tried these? It sounds like those would be the appropriate tools for what you are trying to do. If not, why do these tools not accomplish what you want?
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              Joel Bickel

              If your 3D sketch is all on a plane, why not create the plane first, then use a 2D sketch, it would make the sketch tools much easier to use.
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                Ahhh. is that where I'm going wrong? Yes it appears that it is much easier to paste the sketch into a 2-D sketch and then position it correctly. It seems my issues were with pasting into another 3-D sketch.
                It sure would be easier if you could just make a duplicate of an entire sketch that can then me manipulated, rather than cpying and pasting everything. Anyway, I'm making progress, thanks for your help.