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Question asked by 1-8RYNGU on Dec 11, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2008 by 1-8RYNGU
Hi guys, told you I'd be back
Right, I have a 3-D sketch that exists on a plane and that consists of a series of curves that I intend to use as boundary curves for a series of surfaces.
What I need to do is to make a copy of this sketch and then rotate it to create the second set of boundary curves for the surfaces.
I can make a copy of the sketch and paste it into another sketch, however ther appears to be no way to define the insertion point, it justs inserts the centre of the sketch's bounding box at the point you click.
Is there no easy way to just do a rotate command but to copy the entities instead of move the originals? This seems like a major oversight to me
Thanks for any advice you can offer me on this one.