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Is there a way to stack no-border balloons?

Question asked by Jacob Johnson on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2017 by Glenn Schroeder

Hi all,


We are investigating the idea of ditching item number balloons on the field of drawing in favor of calling out the actual part numbers (still using balloons if possible).

Our drawings are typically multiple pages (10+) and the production folks dislike having to constantly flip back and forth between the BOM and the page with the balloon. They resort to manually writing the part number next to each balloon, which consumes a lot of non value-added time.


I understand that solidworks allows me to display the part number (or any other custom property) in lieu of an item number, however the formatting options for long-ish strings of text using balloons seems terribly limited, especially when trying to make a stacked list.


Our preference is to have no border (just the part no. and QTY if required), but this seems to only work for single callouts. For a stacked list, the "none" option is missing, and the other options quite frankly look rather ugly.

The underlines/boxes are unnecessary and distracting.


Is there a way to stack "balloons" with no border?


Can box/5-sided flag be left justified?

Any idea why bent leader doesn't work on underline?

We're on SW 2015, but if newer releases have more options, I'm open to upgrading.