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Possible to run SolidWorks Network License via Docker container

Question asked by Jeffrey Pannell on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2020 by Gabriel Robaina

Not even sure if this is, at all, possible but we've got Synology Rackstations that have Docker packages available on them. I know containers in Docker are lightweight and not full-fledged Virtual Machines (by comparison). They're meant to run single applications/services. I'm curious if it is at all possible to take something like the SolidNetWorks License application and run in a Docker container as a service. It's simply allowing checking in and out of the licensing for a SolidWorks application thus my curiosity if it's at all possible. Anyone toyed around with this? We currently run the SNL application on a virtualized instance of Server 2008 R2. I'd love to scale it down even further with Docker and just make that a service/application container and eliminate the need for Server's OS entirely.