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Weldment body extending past boundary of part

Question asked by Alex Atkinson on Apr 14, 2017
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Hello all!

I'm working on adding in some T-slot extrusion profiles (8020 15 series, the 1515 in this case) to the Weldments system in Solidworks which should really speed up framework designs. However, I'm running into issues with the butt joints of the bodies due to the complex profile of a T-slot. SW is trimming off the end of the T-slot following the profile of the adjoining component, but what I'm looking for is a straight cut adjacent to the butting component (what you will see 90%+ of the time in reality). I've attached my library feature file, the test file I was working with, and an image of the file with one of the extrusions hidden to emphasize the problem I'm running into. Does anyone have any ideas on a fix for this?