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    Router Table

    christie reed
      Is there a SW add-on program similar to Gibbs Solid Model that I could use to program my router table? I'm trying to justify the cost of paying someone to
      program for me or learn to do it myself. I have never programmed before so
      nothing very complicated. Our parts are pretty simple.
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          lenny bucholz
          ther are a few. camworks, solidcam are add-ins and are ok and would work fine fr a router. here is your problem, if you are not a machinist the teranology may get you. there are some stand along cam packages that will work better and are less expensive that will get the job done.

          also you may need to have a custom post made to work for your router to write the correct G-Code.
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            I've been programming multi axis machines for some 30 years now. One of my favorite programs to use is Gibbs and its probably the easisest to train someone on as well. If you know a little something about drawing in cad, I could have you programming a router in under 2 hours with Gibbs. If price is an issue, there are a few relatively inexpensive programs out there that can produce some decent code...Powerstation by Glasshouse software and Bobcad come to mind. Depending on what kind of control you have, if the parts are simple, sometimes just standing at the control and knocking them out is easiest of all.

            Most of the plug-in type programming systems I've seen like Vericut are great for complex dies, molds, and 5 axis parts, but fall short in the shop friendly arena when you want to do something quick and dirty without alot of hassle.

            Good luck with that, if you need training or want to outsource some programming, you can write me at ronm@ramseymachine.com.