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Gear Mate - Can only move one side of the gear set Why?

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2017 by Dennis Dohogne

I am using SW 2014 SP5.


I have set up a gear mate between a worm and a worm gear. I initially set this up in a concept assembly and it worked as expected. I am now developing the detailed final design and I am noticing a "restriction" in the mate function that I would like either confirmation as a limitation or a work around.


In the concept assembly the worm is attached to a crank handle. The worm and crank handle are both attached to a body that can move. If I click and turn the crank handle with my mouse the worm turns and walks across the worm gear as expected moving with it the movable body.


However, in the detailed final design assembly, the body to which the worm and crank are attached is fixed and the body to which the worm gear is affixed is movable. I can NOT click and rotate the crank handle nor the worm in this model. However, I can click and drag the worm gear and the worm and crank will rapidly rotate via the gear mate as I drag the movable body.


So the gear mate is the same between the two models and the worm, crank handle, and worm gear are also the same. The only difference is which of the two bodies these components are mated to is fixed and movable.


Has anyone else seen this type of behavior and does anyone have a fix? I would really like to be able to demonstrate in the model the intended function by clicking and spinning the crank handle.






Concept Assembly - the crank handle and worm will spin causing them to walk across the worm gear sector. The blue highlighted body is fixed. The worm and crank are mated to the un-highlighted bodies and they move with the worm.


Detailed Assembly - In this case the highlighted body is fixed and the worm and crank are mated to it (free to spin without the gear mate). However, I cannot click and drag the handle to cause it to spin. However, I can click and drag the worm gear sector (not fixed in this assembly) and it will move causing the worm and handle to spin via the gear mate.