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Task Scheduler System options

Question asked by james demarco on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2017 by james demarco

I have been running tasks to create drawings and have noticed that it does not appear to be using my system options, I assume the task is running as a default or admin user.  I am wondering if anyone can tell me which so I can adjust the system options to stop showing tangent edges when I automate the task.

Everything is working correctly if I manually make the drawings, but the task is clearly using another user system option.

Any ideas?


On a similar note to automated drawing creation, we use PDM Professional, and I am currently doing a pack and go of a complete assembly outside the vault to run the task on a single folder. The challenge of doing this within our vault is our folder structure is by part number, and since an assembly can be made up of files from multiple folders I cannot simple run the task from within PDM without selecting each individual items.  So has anyone figured out a way to have a task run and pull the structure to create all drawings for a given assembly?