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How to jog between two defined dimensions

Question asked by Matthew Bustillos on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by Bernie Daraz

First post here,


I'm coming back to solidworks after a period of inactivity and im trying to successfully learn everything about sheet metals and i'm coming to an issue with a particular example...i am fairly new to all this.


in the 2nd picture  show's what ive done so far....really simple it seems....have a jog in between two lengths of 11/16'' and have that angle for the jog at 20 degrees.


it seems with my efforts that having the jog angle at 20 degrees doesn't yield a dimension of actually 20 and im not sure what to do with the offset as screwing with that messes up both lengths that need to be 11/16''


1st picture attached is the drawing im trying to model from.


thanks for your help guys.