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Bill of Materials+Weldment Cutlist in Single Drawing and Item Numbers

Question asked by Lakhvinder Singh on Apr 12, 2017

Hi All,


Sometimes I need to make a Assembly drawing which includes many weldment parts. And on subsequent pages I have to make the weldment details of all the different weldment parts.


A. Is there a way I can make a single Weldment Cutlist or Bill of Materials Table or any other table, where I can have all the parts, components in a single table?

B. I guess if we have multiple weldment parts in a single drawing, the first weldment part can have Item No. 1 on a body, and the second weldment part can also have Item No. 1 on the drawing. How can we resolve this issue? For your information, the Balloons on my drawings are based on Item Numbers.

C. Any suggestions for good practice on one single drawing with one table which details all parts, weldments, and unique item numbers for each body in the assembly?


Thanks in advance.