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    Common Texture to different parts/assemblies

    Rodrigo Pedrosa

      Hello all,


      I work with SW 2016.

      Straight to the point here..

      I have hundreds of parts, thousands of assemblies.

      Each of those parts are using 2 different textures: At the moment I amusing White (solid) as Body, and Nickel (metal) as extruded pieces.

      So everytime I do a Cut Extrude I will have a white surface.

      What I would like to do is to have an external file as Texture. 1 file for the White, 1 other file for the nickel.

      So in case if I modify this external file, from Nickel to Copper (lets say), every single part and every single assembly would automatically change the texture.

      Is this possible?

      It has been a pain to modify part by part, assembly by assembly everytime I change its colour.

      What is the easiest way to do this?

      Thanks in advance.



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          John Stoltzfus

          First it would be good for you to set your colors in the part template file - (you can have a different color for different features)



          System Options



          Assembly Color options



          I don't feel this will achieve what you're looking for, but that would be a start to test different options available. 


          When you make those changes and are satisfied then do yourself a favor - Save your Template Files and also use the Copy Settings Wizard to save your settings..

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            Glenn Schroeder

            I'm a little confused.  You said you're using white for Body and Nickel for extruded pieces, but I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean by that.  Do you mean you're assigning white at the Part level, but then overriding that with the Nickel appearance for some bodies in the Part?  If that's the case, then when you're applying the Nickel appearance make sure you're assigning it to the body, not to faces or feature.  That way holes in the body should keep the same appearance.



            If this isn't what you mean, which seems likely, can you please explain further?

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                Rodrigo Pedrosa

                Hi Glenn,


                So, I have attached an image so you can understand better what I do.

                I am only trying to have some sort of external file where I can control all colours, rather than changing 2 different colours to hundreds of parts and assemblies. If it was possible to have this external file, then it would just be a matter of changing, specifying this colour on this file, and every part and assembly would automatically change.

                The White and Nickel I mentioned was more to explain how I create my  files.

                I use White as BODY, because everytime I do a Cut Extrude, then I would have an automatic white face to the part, keeping the Nickel as extruded. Perfect! No problem here.

                I am just trying to find an easier way to control hundreds of parts and assemblies, rather than opening part by part.


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                Bill Toft

                You could set up two custom appearances (Body Appearance & Extrude Appearance).

                1. Create a folder for all your Custom Appearances (place it in a common area outside the SW directory) and add that you your File Location for Custom Appearances.

                2. Edit your current two appearances and save them to this folder.

                3. Set up your part template to use these two appearances (as per John).

                4. Now you can edit those two appearances and they will be applied to all parts that use those appearance

                Hmm, just tested and the updated appearance is not getting refreshed, even after CTRL-Q forced rebuild.

                Then I found this thread which indicates it should work:

                Can't get material change to apply to all parts in assembly