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    Iso-clipping of plots

    Peter Osth
      Each time I recalculate any study I need to manually check and very often change the iso-clipping value back to what I want.
      Time consuming, and easy to forget.
      Since I cannot find any way of knowing what value is used i a saved e-drawing it takes alot of effort to be sure the iso-plots are correct.

      Not really as annoying as the bug where I need to check/uncheck deformation of each stressplot I need to save as an e-drawing, but still...
        • Iso-clipping of plots
          Charles Cooper
          Extremely annoying and has causes errors in comparisons when I have forgotten to reset the iso clipping value. Seems to change as a % of the maximum stress which is extremely UN-HELPFUL.
            • Iso-clipping of plots
              I have also found that the iso-clipping value seems to be stored as a percentage of the maximum value rather than an absolute value. It has been doing this for several versions, but is apparently not the intended functionality. I got this one registered as SPR 473239 a while back, but the SPR status is still "Open", so I'm not sure when they are planning to fix it.

              By the way, there is an arrow pointing to the colour chart that shows the iso-clipping value.