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import contest!

Question asked by Chris Clouser on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by Rick Becker

Here's a part that opens like garbage from a vendor (Molex).  It's a retractor/counterbalance device for tooling.


I get 37 surface errors and 450 gaps.


After SWX repair, I have 28 surface errors and 14 gaps.


I'm wondering how 2017 opens this.  I had submitted and ER on import capabilities, but it was closed because they said that 2017 would make all my dreams come true.


If someone can try it in 17 and let me know. 


Also, any other suggestions on how you deal with this problem of imported geometry.  I know most people just live with all the errors, but it drives me nuts having errors in the tree.  I even submitted an ER that we could IGNORE ERRORS ON IMPORTED GEOMETRY because it's almost impossible to import anything from a high-end CAD system into SWX.


Let me just mention that importing CAD data from suppliers should most likely at or near the top of the list of tasks that we all do.  Therefore, I'm extremely surprised that there isn't more push back from SolidWorks users to improve the functionality of this vital process.  I've even suggested that SWX purchase and integrate a third party solution for geometry repair, of which there are a few options.