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How should "Load referenced documents" be set to work best with "Always work with latest version of files"?

Question asked by Zachary Knezo on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by S. Casale

Trying to find a balance here. Ideally, we'd like assembles to always default to loading the latest Revision (not necessarily latest version) of referenced files while still allowing visibility of working versions (versions created after the last Revision)


This doesn't seem doable out of the box, so we're going to try the "Always work with latest version of files" and use "Enable the get version command in SOLIDWORKS Add-in" to have users go through the task tree and get the last Revision as needed.


Any best practices on how each SW client's System Options > External References > Load referenced documents should be configured if we (think) we want to use PDM's Settings > Reference Dialog > Always work with latest version of files?


There any gotchas here or is it just a matter of load time?