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How to recreate spline from an imported 3D tube/noodle/pipe?

Question asked by Don Hill on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by Don Hill

I have an imported part from a customer which is basically a long plastic tube that is shaped in a squiggle in 3 dimensions. (imagine a 22" long wet spaghetti noodle)  I'm trying to create an offset spline along the path in order to create a 3D point data set that we can export to a rover arm to follow the path of the tube for a visual inspect.

So in my part all I have in a single 'Feature' block. I know I can create a 'spline on surface', but this does me no good. I thought about trying to section the tube, create sketches >convert entities > and then 3D sketch a spline through the center points. But we're talking a hundred sketch and couple days work. I was hoping for a way I could select the tube and say 'generate center line curve'.  Any suggestions?