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    Backing Up and Restoring System

    Jaray Mekkaew
      Now, Our customer is success about implement SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.
      thus, I want to duplicate their system into my machine for backing up.
      I found in installation guide.pdf, should be backup

      - file vault database
      - master database
      - archive server setting
      - archive files

      Now, they have plenty of file. How do I backup only their system.
        • Backing Up and Restoring System
          Todd Puckett
          Good question.

          Backing up the users data gets to be a big problem especially if they don't clear their local cache very often. You need to backup work in progress which does not exist on the server until the files are checked in, some of our users will go weeks without checking in files. We had to write our own backup program so that we weren't backing up huge amounts of unnecessary data. (cached files can accumilate quickly and be many Gb)

          Our backup program identifies read-only files in the vault folder on the user's computer and turns on the archive bit. Then we run a Windows Backup, files are skipped that have the archive bit turned on which allows us to only backup files that are checked out. This will not work if you have users creating local read-only files in the vault.