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Can assembly indented BOM be directed to use weldment "as welded" configuration?

Question asked by Jim Paige on Apr 11, 2017

I searched thru the past postings but didn't see this question specifically addressed so I'm hoping someone out there has come across this before.


I use cut lists in weldment drawings which use the "as welded" configuration to produce a list of needed raw stock.  My problem is that on my assembly drawing when I use an indented BOM to produce the same information, the description info appears to call the "as machined" configuration data rather than the "as welded" data.  This means that I cannot produce a single raw stock stock list for my project.


Some of this behavior seems logical in that basic parts (non-weldments) don't have an "as welded" config to pull info from for the assembly BOM.  Is there a way to have SWX or the BOM template pull the "as welded" data for weldments but leave the rest to pull the basic "default" config info?


SWX Premium 2017 x64 Edition SP2





In a SWX assembly drawing BOM, the information listed calls the description values as defined in each component configuration as they occur in the chosen assembly view.  So, as-welded, as-machined, etc. is irrelevant in an assembly BOM which makes perfect sense.  My work around is to create a new assembly configuration called STOCK in which each welded part is set to their as-welded configuration.  In-context parts can lose their minds and it's best to suppress all(?) of the mates so it's not perfect but the resulting assembly BOM will show the actual raw stock values for each item.  Just another series of flaming hoops to get all of our users to jump thru for the sake of an accurate material list.