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Any feedback on SW17 SP2.0 vs. SP3.0ev?  Other conversion questions....

Question asked by John Reese on Apr 11, 2017

Any feedback on SW2017 sp2.0 vs. so3.0ev?


I have been testing a clone copy of my vault using SW2017 3.0EV...seems to work okay but probably won't find the potential problems listed in some of the other threads (ie file corruption?) till I cut my users loose on it.    So I am a little afraid what I am hearing but haven't found feedback newer than early March. 


I assume the corruption issue is random or is there a way to test if this is an issue?     Are you seeing this corruption on Workgroup PDM installs?


I need to go to 2017 to take advantage of the term licensing that is not available in I was hoping to do the conversion over the long easter weekend to minimize downtime.    My VAR advised against using the 2017 3.0EV  - he says the actual 3.0 update should be out around 4/17 give or take a few days....arghh. 


Toolbox....the one that always gives me the most fits.....from all I gathered on this forum, you must run the task scheduler on the files to update to the new version  (flipped read only flags off, converted, then flipped them back again).  I assume that is the only way to actually convert the library?  (the toolbox updater utility only converts the database file)


Workgroup PDM - any tips on why the task scheduler bombs out on certain files (then I run the same project folder again the same files convert no problem)?  Any settings to look out for?   These files bombing out are not big so I doubt it is a timeout issue.   I typically monitor the updates it sucks to see that the task scheduler has stopped or the list shows a huge string of "file failed unexpectedly"   -  a really informative clue to  what happened!!!!


My VAR is evaluating my conversion to PDM standard but with the current workload...this will have to be put off for a while.


Thanks for any help/advice