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    SWx virtual component

    Anand Ramalingam

      i am using SWx 2008 & PDMWE 2008.we have an cutom addin to block external file reference into PDMWE.if i use virtual components functionality in SWx 2008 and using save inernal option and then trying to checkin that component to PDMWE but my custom add-in did not allow me to check in. says that virtual component is stored in local temp loaction.
        • SWx virtual component
          Anand Ramalingam
          ok i got a clue we are using document manager in our custom dll for avoiding outside PDMWE files in that in Swdocument manager 2008 a new api call is there to identify virtual part or not.

          Anyone having idea to restict outside PDMWE vault file?

          I can't enable cant avoid warning option in system and we are in 2008 .i know in 2009 there is option to segreate other warnings...