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What is a better way to make this part using surfaces or other methods?

Question asked by Krishtof Korda on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by Krishtof Korda

I am curious how this part can be modeled more efficiently. This is my first attempt at using surfaces to design a part. It definitely created the overall shape that I was looking for, but I am quite certain there is a better way to do this.


Key features:

     1. Surface radius on the bottom of the louver (mates to another part)

     2. 0.040 in thick sheet metal

     3. 30 degree angle form of the louver.


I couldn't think of how to form this using sheet metal features, so I jumped into surfaces. I like how the part turned out but not the amount of features. I believe there should be a much cleaner more elegant method for achieving the same physical character. My first guess for improving this would be the Intersect feature. I will try that while I wait for a response from the community.


I have attached the model for reference and critiquing. Please feel free to remodel as an example or post comments with suggestions on how to improve the model. If there is a useful feature that I have overlooked please point it out.


Thanks everyone and I look forward to the feedback.






Message was edited by: Krishtof Korda, Added practice part using intersect instead of trimmed surfaces.