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    Image file number sequence for partial animations

    Bill Toft

      In Photoview 360, the still images are numbered from #0000 (at time 0:00) and increment by one for each frame saved. So at 30FPS, time 0:10 is frame #0300.

      Then if I need to render just part of the animation (say from time 0:05 to 0:10), the file names start at #0150.

      Then I can later use QuickTime Pro to load all images into a movie because the files are in the correct number sequence.


      Today I tried doing a partial animation in Visualize (into a different folder than the original animation), so I entered the frame range as 150 to 300. But I was disappointed to find that Visualize saved the files with numbers from #0000 to #0150 (instead of #0150 to #0300 as I was expecting).

      This will force me to rename all these files before I can add them to the original folder and replace the older images. Big waste of time.

      (I have 2017 SP2)

      Can this be made an enhancement request?