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Sheet metal from sketch

Question asked by Sam Sewart on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by Kelef Man

Hi All,


I am some what of a beginner with Solidworks mainly using it for student purposes with Uni.


Now I have been given a part to draw up to send out to waterjetters to be cut out. I am wanting to draw it in sheet metal and unfold it to get the full side of the part and everything in the correct place.


I have tried to draw a sketch and then go to Sheet metal tab and convert to sheet metal or what. But I can just about get the base drawn and struggling to put the flanges on. Haven't even got to how to put the triangular cut outs in with them equally spaced etc.


I have included some pictures of what I'm making. Hope someone could shed some light on this. Measurements are from outside of each flange. image.jpgSCan2.jpgScan1measurements.jpg