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Exporting to DXF creates unusual slots

Question asked by John Henderson on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by John Henderson

Hello There,


Just wondering if anyone has ever seen "slots gone wild" like this ?


After converting parts to DXF files, the water jet guy calls me to say "It's impossible" and sends the screen shots below.

The top image shows the parts effected - just simple slots - fully defined sketches with no external references



SW Glitch DXF.png


You can see the odd effect of an inverted slot end.  I have seen sketches do crazy things, but never seen this.


Is dxf conversion glitch a wee bit common ? I need to review the DXF's now after I make them, and I guess with third party viewer ?.  Any suggestions on your best practices for proofing a dxf would be much appreciated.


If you have seen your slots gone wild ?


Thanks !