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Problem with Design Table

Question asked by Justin Campbell on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by Bill Toft

     We've been having a problem with a part file I created that would allow us to use this single part file and have it represent every different size of peg board panel that we could need, while naming each different size and color panel using a specific naming convention. I've attached the file for reference. The part seems to work as expected at first. When my coworkers attempt to insert the part into an assembly they get the normal "Configure Component" property manager that allows them to enter in the width/height and color of the panel they want.  Upon clicking the green checkmark, instead of checking the design table to see if that panel has already been created and if not adding it as an additional configuration to the design table and the part, it appears to start to try to do this but ends up "not responding" for as long as we've left it.

     The one other thing that's happened is that when someone inserts the part into an assembly and picks a width/height that already exists in the design table, but chooses a different color, instead of creating a new configuration to match the request it simply inserts the panel in the color that already existed.

     The other odd thing is that I don't seem to have any of these problems, except the 2nd one sometimes, when I use the part on the machine that I used to originally create it. Could anyone take a look and see if they can figure out what is causing this weird behavior? I'd appreciate any help I can get and I'm also open to any suggestions that would make using the part and saving assemblies that contain the part go faster if anyone can think of any.