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Updating template for a revision table with data in it

Question asked by Dan Frey on Apr 10, 2017
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I am wondering if there is a way to update the revision table template in an existing drawing, without deleting the table and re-inserting it with the new template.


For the past few years the standard at my company has been to use a revision table in the bottom left corner of the sheet with the table header at the bottom, but prior to that the standard was to use a revision table in the upper right corner of the sheet with the table header at the top. The two templates also have different font sizes, etc.


If I am re-releasing an old drawing and no revisions have been documented I generally will update the sheet format, delete the old empty revision table, and re-insert with the new template to bring everything up to current standards. However, this becomes a major step if there are one or more revisions documented on the drawing (since I would have to re-type all of the text in the table and re-insert all of the symbols). At this point I usually don't bother of course, but it would be nice if I could edit the table template (e.g. from within the Revision Table PropertyManager) and get the format updated without losing the data in the table and the corresponding symbols on the drawing sheet.


Obviously not a showstopper but I like to send consistent drawings to our shop and was just wondering if anyone knows of an easy way to do this. Thanks!