Ben Richie

Loosing Configurations...everyone be careful

Discussion created by Ben Richie on Dec 10, 2008
Solidworks 2009 SP1.0/PDM for Workgroups

We work on projects and keep them in working folders on the server until such time that we are completed with them and then we check them into the vault. During this time, "reloads" from the vault take place on a daily basis to make certain that the assemblies being worked on have the latest parts and configuration. Since upgrading to 2009 SP1.0, whenever parts are reloaded from the vault, configurations are lost for those parts that are reloaded.

Now if we "checkout" that very same part without the assembly being opened that contains the part, all configurations are there. The VAR has been notified and has forwarded the information on to Solidworks.

So, be aware of this potential and possibly big issue if you happen to use configurations.