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Parts Disappear on Show Mesh, Reappear on Hide Mesh

Question asked by John Willett on Apr 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by Aaron Hayden

Solidworks Premium 2017 SP2.0 under Windows 7 SP1 -- In a linear static study two display anomalies started suddenly, and I can't get rid of them:


1) When I mesh the model, several parts disappear, only to re-appear when I hide the mesh.  Here is a pair of images where the only change is between showing and hiding the mesh:

Hide Mesh.png

Show Mesh.png

2) Six of the parts are set to "Exclude from Study" (see above).  Only three of them disappear from the simulation window, although the other three are shown but gray, until the mesh is shown:

Close-Up Model.png

Close-Up Hide Mesh.png

Close-Up Show Mesh.png

Neither of these issues showed up until several meshing adjustments were made.  Then they suddenly appeared together.  Closing and re-opening SW has no effect.  Neither does logging off and back on.  In case it matters, I'm using curvature-based meshing with several mesh controls, all done before.


Anyone seen anything like this?  Know how to fix it? -- John Willett