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New Activation Policy

Question asked by Bob Bob on Apr 8, 2017
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New activation policy

Its 4:30 Saturday mourning my workstation with a solid state
hard drive won’t start (ssd give no

I can’t go online to deactivate it, I only have one copy of
solidworks and the design is to be reviewed Monday morning.

What do I do? I can’t call my VAR they won’t be there until Monday

I draw at home and have over 60 thousand invested in
solidworks and workstations to run it what is solidworks solution?

Spend more money on another license so I can have a backup
computer like I had before the new policy.

If you punch the clock (unless the money
to draw in solidworks comes out of your pocket you don’t know how much it
really costs to draw in any 3D program
) please don’t comment
unless you know a solution to my hypothetical problem.