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    Chassis Analysis - Beam Joint Creation Problem

    John Finch



      I'm trying to analysis a chassis, treating each member as a beam. All the joints look fine to me, except there is one joint that it is recognizing as a free end which is not one.


      I haven't been able to find the cause of this, as I've been comparing it to it's mirrored member that is not having this problem. I've included a picture of the joint below.



      I've also attached the model. The study "Static 4" is the most updated one. If anyone would be able to take a look at this and give me some advice, it would save my life!



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          Ryan Dark

          Hi John,

          For the purposes of a beam analysis in Simulation a model does not need to have mitered/trimmed beam ends.  In fact, in most cases it is better to leave a weldment model totally untrimmed as you are doing the beam analysis on it so the neutral axis of each beam member will continue uninterrupted to the point where they connect in a joint.  When you trim a weldment body the program has to add rigid connections between the modeled end of the neutral axis to where a joint location is (which is the end of the neutral axis before the trim).  This can impact your results in these areas and, as in your case, make joint generation problematic.


          I opened your model and rolled back the feature tree to above all the trim features.  Once all the trims were taken off I regenerated your joints using with the "Treat as joint for clearance" setting set to "Equal to zero (touching)".  The results appears to be no more dangling joints (except the two that are really dangling).  You may want to try these changes on your end and see how it goes.