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How to bend a solid part in Solidworks?

Question asked by Akul Kakumani on Apr 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2017 by Deepak Gupta

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to help a friend model a set of pliers and we've run into an issue. There is a bracket in the model that needs to bend against the pliers when it turns. I wasn't sure if this was actually possible in Solidworks (or any CAD modeling software for that matter) since it's a solid body and deforming it kinda doesn't make sense. But I've been wrong before, so I wanted to check with others and see what they had to say. I'm attaching the assembly file with this post. The bracket I'm talking about is named 'MiddleBracket_SheetMetal<2>' and it rotates about the 'Large Screw with Cylinder'. The end result I'm looking for here is the 'MiddleBracket_SheetMetal<2>' bending against 'Pliers<2>' when it rotates (instead of going and interfering with the 'Pliers<2>' model).


Any help would be appreciated.